Why fairly™? gives to causes you nominate

At fairly™ we view corporate social responsibility (CSR) as more than a bolt on business practice – instead, we consider it as an integral component of our culture and philosophy for doing business.

As a leading provider of services to employers across Australia, fairly™ seeks to give back to the local communities in which our customers do business and live. We believe that by looking after more than our own narrow economic interests and balancing then with our wider social and environmental obligations, fairly™ can better ensure that our business operations and ongoing growth are sustainable.

At the corporate level fairly™ and O’Connell TELS continues to support its favourite causes through giving programs and Christmas initiatives in lieu of client cards and gifts.

However, we want to do a bit more to making a positive and enduring difference and that’s why fairly™ like giving back to the charities and causes operating in local communities – your communities – by supporting them with quarterly donations of 5% of sales. When purchasing any product from our website, you will be provided with the address to nominate a charity or cause of your choice. Just tell us why they deserve our support and at the end of each quarter we will pick one for a donation of 5% of sales over that period. Our only condition is that in the spirit of giving to others, you cannot nominate your own organisation if this is a charity or cause.

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