Why should you use fairly™?

 fairly™ gives Australian employers access to easy to follow DIY tool kits and guides – providing timely ‘how to’ assistance when staff need to be terminated for any legitimate reason.

Our employment experts have developed a range of readily downloadable tool kits and guides covering all the termination situations that commonly arise for Australian employers.

Our goal

The aim of fairly™ is to provide a readily available suite of constantly updated resources to empower employers to deal effectively with the sensitive issue of terminating staff in a way that is fair to both parties and consistent with the complex statutory and regulatory constraints put on employers.

The developers of fairly™ have designed their tool kits and guides especially for the needs and use of the following:

  • HR staff
  • Business owners
  • Senior managers
  • Accountants advising client employers
  • General practice law firms

Is terminating a problem employee as difficult as I have heard?

Terminating staff in Australia is fraught with difficulties arising from complex and contradictory legislation and the active involvement of multiple tribunals and agencies. Even general practice lawyers find advising employers on termination issues arising from the Fair Work Act and other legislation confusing due to the constant change in this area. Don’t be one of those employers deciding to take action against a long standing under-performing employee and finding them self on the receiving end of an unfair dismissal application or worse. We offer downloadable products to help with specific parts of the process, such as our redundancy termination letter template. However,  our inclusive toolkits help you manage entire processes and offer incredible value, such as those covering misconduct and serious misconduct. Let fairly™ show you how to terminate staff effectively yet fairly™.

Why do employers trust fairly™?

Our rapid growth is due to the comprehensive nature of our ‘how-to’ resources specially developed for the needs of Australian employers. Easily downloadable packages provide all the ‘need to know’ information to guide you through the entire termination process from start to finish.

While fairly™ resource kits and guides have been written by specialists with decades of experience in defending employers from unwarranted termination claims from former employees, they thankfully came free of legal jargon and other confusing content. They show you what to do in easily followed steps and with the back-up of suggested letters and other documentation in accessible MS Word format to support your actions.