Our Successes

Posted on: 21st January, 2014

Long Overdue Assistance

Wanted to let you know how easy your Toolkits are to follow. I thought dismissing an employee for showing up to work intoxicated would be a lot harder but with the use of the attached tools I had the job done within a week. Congratulations for your long overdue assistance to us employers.

By: SME Owner • Woollongong, NSW

Bulletproof Dismissal Proces

Pity we did not find your company earlier – before paying lawyers thousands for advice that told us what we couldn’t do rather than what we could do. Have used the Dismissing for Misconduct Toolkit for two staff now and in both occasions, terminated without a protest. Even the lawyer for one said our dismissal process was bulletproof.

By: Marissa • Human Resources Support

Easy to Follow Advice

Great work Fairly! Your understandable and easy to follow advice on dealing with redundancy situations meant the recent exiting of staff due to work being offshored went without a hitch. Former staff happy with the way they were treated and my company more than pleased with the knowledge we minimised the risk of claims to Fair Work Commission.

By: Seamus • Technology Company, Melbourne

Handy & Practical Advice

Thanks fairly for your handy and practical advice on managing an long term employee who unfortunately went off the rails after a family issue and faced dismissal. Your DIY script tool on conducting a warning meeting really made the difference and our employee is now back to working well with his fellow team members.

By: Victorian Regional Council • Sarah, HR Manager