Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how fairly™ will collect, store and disclose information it collects from you in the course of doing business with you and your business.

Why we need to collect and retain some personal information about you

In the course of providing information on our website Platforms or supplying products or other services ordered by customers, fairly™ needs to collect and retain some personal information on its servers or on servers maintained or operated for or on our behalf.

Types of information collected by fairly™

fairly™ may ask for or be provided with the following information in order to provide you with its online products, services or information:

  • Personal contact details, such as name and title
  • Company details, such as name and address
  • Email address
  • Credit card details (for the purpose of purchasing fairly™ products)
  • Details about links that directed you to fairly™
  • Opinions, comments and general feedback about fairly™ products and services
  • Tagged information used to identify your computer or device to the fairly™ server.

Ways fairly™ uses your personal information

Your personal information may be used in the following ways, including:

  • Delivering the fairly™ products, services and information to you
  • Processing payment through fairly™ e-commerce gateway, including the use of a third party online credit card processing provider.
  • Communication with you about purchases and subscriptions
  • Marketing of fairly™ products and services to you by fairly™ or within the O’Connell Group.

fairly™ will never sell any personal information about you to any other company or individual.

Security of your information

fairly™ will take all reasonable actions to protect your personal information from disclosure or misuse. Our servers are protected by a number of measures designed to provide security from unauthorised parties and purchase transactions are subject to encryption and other security measures.

However, you need to be aware and acknowledge that no transmission of data across the internet is totally secure and fairly™ cannot warrant the security of such transmitted data.

Releasing information to others

fairly™ will only release personal information under the following circumstances:

  • as compelled to do so by law
  • with your prior written consent.

Accessing your information

 fairly™ will provide you with access to your personal information stored by us upon request to our Privacy Officer.

Last updated: 15May2013