Whatever the reason for the redundancy situation, the following range of fairly™ downloadable resources are designed to assist you make staff redundant from your business – efficiently and fairly. For most employers, the fairly™ Terminating for redundancy Toolkit will provide the information and a full range of tools needed to start and finalise required employer action.

However, for those employers feeling more confident or having additional experience, each of the many components of the full Terminating for redundancy Toolkit are a click away from your use. One or our most popular component resources is the redundancy termination letter template, but please explore the full range of resources available. The fairly™ Terminating for redundancy tools provide you with valuable ‘how to’ information, to:

  • Assist employers adopt a strategic approach to restructuring
  • Cover the procedural requirements necessary for a genuine redundancy
  • Deal fairly with staff facing redundancy
  • Make it all come together for your business with necessary scripts and letters

Redundancy Toolkit

All you need to deal with a redundancy situation brought about by changes to the operational requirements of your business containing focused information and advice, easy to use tools, and employer only tips – all written by accredited employment law specialists. Save money and your valuable time by using our DIY approach – the whole package available to employers for less than an hours’ legal expense.

Step 1 – Redundancy Facts & Fair Process

Don’t fall for the many legal traps which have cost other employers wanting to make staff redundant substantial amounts of money, time and business reputation. Gain a quick overview of complexity of Australian workplace law regulating employers needing to deal with redundancy situations forced upon them by a multitude of factors. Commence the redundancy process in your business by learning how to conduct and document a Business Change Review.

Step 2 – Redundancy Selection Process

Many employers needing to select between staff for redundancies skip past this Step and find out too late they have missed the best opportunity to substantially reduce the risk of having their decision overturned by courts or tribunals. Use our tested tool to master the skill of selecting which staff to retrench in a manner that greatly reduces the risk of your decision being oveturned by the Fair Work Commission or resulting in a general protections claim to the Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court.

Step 3 – Redundancy Implementation

Navigate through the maze of mandatory and recommended consultation with soon to be redundant staff required under the Fair Work Act. Set up your consultation meeting with a process including a fully tested notification letter which covers off on the main requirements of the Act. Bring your retrenchment to a conclusion with our collection of sample redundancy termination letters and templates ready for immediate use.