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Terminating for Misconduct Toolkit


Benefit from our years of experience in helping employers deal effectively with misbehaving employees, the fairly™ termination for misconduct toolkit contains all the information, templates, letters and scripts you need to quickly yet fairly deal with problem staff in your workplace.

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Our Dismissing for Misconduct Toolkit contains all the information and tools you need to navigate through the complexities of dealing firmly yet fairly with staff misbehaving in your workplace.

From assessing the nature of the misconduct to conducting a procedurally fair ‘show cause’ meeting, this Toolkit guides you through each stage using clear, practical and understandable advice with special tips and checklists to make sure you get it right.

Why you should purchase this product

Dismissing staff in Australia is a challenge for any employer given the complexity of workplace legislation and the eagerness of many employees to challenge decisions of their manager.

Written by accredited employment law specialists with senior HR experience and extensive hands on business experience, the fairly Dismissing for Misconduct Toolkit allows business owners and employers to follow easy step by step guidance on dealing with one of those more difficult employment issues – dismissing staff.

The fairly Dismissing for Misconduct Toolkit comes fully equipped with all the supporting templates and meeting scripts needed to provide employers with the ability to take decisive action with misbehaving staff with confidence.

Our Dismissing for Misconduct Toolkit is your logical first choice – it will:

  • Take you through the entire process for dealing with misconduct, step by step
  • Allow you to distinguish between general misconduct and serious misconduct
  • Show you how to undertake effective warning meetings with staff whose misconduct does not immediately justify dismissal
  • Explain how to assess the quantum of misconduct needed to justify termination
  • Give you pre-written ‘show cause’ letters
  • Provide you with scripts to conduct an effective ‘show cause’ meeting
  • Describe how to make a correct decision on whether or not to dismiss an employee
  • Provide letters to dismiss your employee
  • and finally, guide you through essential post-employment issues.

Your fairly Dismissing for Misconduct Toolkit includes:

  1. Dismissing for Misconduct Handbook
  2. Assessing incidents of misconduct
  3. Record of misconduct
  4. Notification letter for warning meeting (misconduct)
  5. Script for warning meeting (misconduct)
  6. Warning letter (misconduct)
  7. ‘Show cause’ letter (misconduct)
  8. Script for ‘show cause’ meeting (misconduct)
  9. Dismissal letters (misconduct)

Great Value

Add up the price of the individual tools provided in the Toolkit and you will see that purchasing the full Toolkit will save you hundreds of dollars! For less than the cost of an hour consultation with an employment lawyer, you will obtain access to all the DIY tools and advice needed to deal with misbehaving staff yourself.


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