fairly™  have a range of tool kits and other downloadable resources designed to assist you in dealing with termination decisions facing your business as a result of misconduct or redundancy.

The fairly™ Termination Toolkits cover Misconduct and Redundancy, providing you with valuable ‘how to’ information, that is:

  • Regularly revised to make sure it is up to date with changes to legislation
  • Complete with many examples to make important points even clearer
  • Inclusive of checklists to make sure you have covered all necessary steps
  • Focused on the needs of employers – unlike much of the ‘free’ information on the web

However, for those employers feeling more confident or having additional experience, each of the many components of the full Terminating for Misconduct and Redundancy Toolkits are a click away from your use. All fairly™ tool kits, manuals and other resources have been developed in association with the accredited legal specialists with employment law expertise available at O’Connell The Employment Law Specialists.

COMING SOON – Our termination toolkits will be covering workplace issues of discipline, incapacity, underperformance and post-employment.